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I'm Coach Ap and not only do I want to inspire you, but I want to give you access to the lifestyle of your dreams.  Are you ready?

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Why Coach Ap?

-Internet Guru with over 20 years of experience in internet sales/marketing.

-Tech Entrepreneur who has designed web platforms/apps which have changed the way we use the internet

-YouTube certified creator reaching millions of subscribers and billions of views

-Executive producer behind thousands of viral videos across the web

-Owner of W2MG Multimedia company which manages thousands of content creators

-Loving and devoted family man who shows the passion for his wife and children through every video

-Man of God who operates with integrity, honor and excellence

-Man of faith who puts God first in all things

-Ap has been involved in missionary work for 25 years and has come to the aide of many in poverty stricken areas from Ny to Nairobi Kenya

-Huge giver! Every year Ap sponsors under priviledged children in sports (basketball, baseball, volleyball, football, etc.)  He then invest his time by coaching many of the same kids to help them build confidence and character

Who is Ap?


Ap the stay at home dad

Man of God

Faith and prayer is the key

Family Man

Ap Dad of the So in love Family

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