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CoachAp.net was created as a way for me to give back to the people.  Over the last 20 years I’ve spent countless hours on the internet researching and perfecting my craft in numerous fields.  A major goal for us all is to find ways to generate substantial revenue straight from our computers and smartphones.  Many find this as a nearly impossible task to achieve, however I’ve been cracking this code for 20 years now!

A decade ago my wife Shavonne, whom I also met on the internet, became my first case study as she left her 6 figure paying job in Beverly Hills and joined me in monetizing our internet experience. Not only did she begin making more money than she did in corporate America, but she seemed so much happier being in control of her own time. Not having to wake up early and sit in traffic for hours. Being able to spend more time with the kids and doing something more fulfilling with her time. Most importantly she now has more time to do one of her favorite hobbies….shopping!

Dangerus Diva is addicted to shopping on Amazon

After helping my wife achieve this happiness I gained more confidence that I could help others achieve the same through monetizing their internet experience. Over the last decade I’ve contributed to the success of numerous clients. Two clients which will always bring me great joy in growing their brands are my sons J Funk and Miracle Baby Josiah.

Ap 1nabillion with sons J Funk and Miracle Baby Josiah

J Funk first came to fame at 4 years old when a dance he created called the Oso J Funk Dance went viral on YouTube. It brought me great joy seeing thousands of people making videos trying to mimic my sons dance moves to an original track which I created.

J Funk does his Oso Dance

Over the last 7 years J Funk has shown that he’s much more than just a one video wonder. His smile and personality have become so infectious that millions of viewers tune in daily on the ItsJFunk & the So in Love Family channel to see what J Funk is up to next. This success has opened the door for sponsorship deals promoting toys for Thomas & Friends, TMNT, BeyBlade Burst Turbo, and a host of other name brand products. Most recently J Funk was featured on Nickelodeon’s Crystal Maze and was featured on prime time television in their commercial promoting the show.

J Funk stars on Nickelodeon’s the Crystal Maze
Ap and J Funk at the hospital with Miracle Baby Josiah

Many people have asked why we call Josiah the Miracle Baby. Well my wife gave birth to Josiah just 24 weeks into pregnancy. As a result Josiah was barely 1lb at the time birth. With him being born so small he came into this world with numerous complications. It took 5 surgeries and nearly 6 months of hospital care before we were finally able to bring our little bundle of joy home.

We were told numerous times by Doctors and medical staff of the complicated road ahead of us if we were to continue caring for our micro preemie child. In fact the head Doctor even suggested that we pull the plug on our premature baby. My wife’s response was an emphatic “No! He’s going to be our Miracle Baby”.

Once we finally brought Josiah home he’s been nothing short of amazing! Since his birth in 2015 we temporarily shut down many of our businesses and put a 100% focus on Raising our Miracle Baby Josiah. Although I had many urges to dive back into different business ventures, I was regulated to only working from home while helping my wife in providing 24/7 care to our son. The results of our sacrifices have been astounding as Josiah has exceeded expectations for micro preemies. He has become a staple on the ItsJFunk & the So in Love Family channel and reached millions of viewers with his infectious personality. As a result we recently created the Miracle Baby Josiah channel and he’s already reaching millions of monthly viewers. Most recently Josiah was featured in a baseball commercial for Google Cloud and the MLB. The commercial was featured globally during the 2020 MLB playoffs.

Josiah’s life has taught me to cherish every moment we have on earth and been a reminder that we shouldn’t take anything for granted. Every step, every word, every bike ride, every swing, every shot, every dribble, and in every video Josiah is proving that Miracles happen everyday!

Coach Ap with one of his basketball teams

I have nearly 25 years of coaching experience in athletics. Over the last 5 years coaching my son and his friends in baseball and basketball has brought me great joy! I take pleasure in bringing out the best in people. It’s one thing to be a good motivator but also another to be able to access each persons gifts and flaws and get the best result out of each person. Through sports I have been able to educate and boost the confidence of many kids who were previously shy, timid or lacking of self confidence. I feel its my duty to make every child I come in contact feel as if they can achieve anything they put their minds to. Once breaking these children out of their shells I then teach them how to develop a skill set and excel at that skill set. The hope is that once they find something that they’re good at and enjoy it, that confidence will trickle over to other areas in their lives. Thus creating a winners attitude and more successful beings in the world!

Ap with the So in Love Family

My goal with CoachAp.Net is to not only coach and mentor brands/small business owners on how to monetize their internet experience. I believe that by having a better work experience with less stress and more benefits, parents can create a happier home environment. If my clients are spending more time with their children and creating a happier environment then each child will have the necessary confidence needed to flourish and live out their dreams in this world!

I look forward to coaching you and helping you create a better life for you and your family! Coach Ap

Story time with the So in Love Family

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